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Attempts to write messages to a child output and if the write fails for one of a list of configurable reasons the message is dropped instead of being reattempted.

# Config fields, showing default values
label: ""
error: false
back_pressure: ""
output: {}

Regular Benthos outputs will apply back pressure when downstream services aren't accessible, and Benthos retries (or nacks) all messages that fail to be delivered. However, in some circumstances, or for certain output types, we instead might want to relax these mechanisms, which is when this output becomes useful.



Whether messages should be dropped when the child output returns an error. For example, this could be when an http_client output gets a 4XX response code.

Type: bool
Default: false


An optional duration string that determines the maximum length of time to wait for a given message to be accepted by the child output before the message should be dropped instead. The most common reason for an output to block is when waiting for a lost connection to be re-established. Once a message has been dropped due to back pressure all subsequent messages are dropped immediately until the output is ready to process them again. Note that if error is set to false and this field is specified then messages dropped due to back pressure will return an error response.

Type: string
Default: ""

# Examples
back_pressure: 30s
back_pressure: 1m


A child output.

Type: output
Default: {}


In this example we have a fan_out broker, where we guarantee delivery to our Kafka output, but drop messages if they fail our secondary HTTP client output.

pattern: fan_out
- kafka:
addresses: [ foobar:6379 ]
topic: foo
- drop_on:
error: true
verb: POST