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A special broker type where the outputs are identified by unique labels and can be created, changed and removed during runtime via a REST API.

# Config fields, showing default values
label: ""
outputs: {}
prefix: ""
timeout: 5s
max_in_flight: 1

The broker pattern used is always fan_out, meaning each message will be delivered to each dynamic output.

To GET a JSON map of output identifiers with their current uptimes use the '/outputs' endpoint.

To perform CRUD actions on the outputs themselves use POST, DELETE, and GET methods on the /outputs/{output_id} endpoint. When using POST the body of the request should be a YAML configuration for the output, if the output already exists it will be changed.



A map of outputs to statically create.

Type: object
Default: {}


A path prefix for HTTP endpoints that are registered.

Type: string
Default: ""


The server side timeout of HTTP requests.

Type: string
Default: "5s"


The maximum number of messages to dispatch across child outputs at any given time.

Type: int
Default: 1