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Stores key/value pairs in a map held in the memory-bound Ristretto cache.

# Common config fields, showing default values
label: ""
ttl: ""

This cache is more efficient and appropriate for high-volume use cases than the standard memory cache. However, the add command is non-atomic, and therefore this cache is not suitable for deduplication.

This cache type supports setting the TTL individually per key by using the dynamic ttl field of a cache processor or output in order to override the general TTL configured at the cache resource level.



The TTL of each item as a duration string. After this period an item will be eligible for removal during the next compaction.

Type: string
Default: ""

# Examples
ttl: 60s
ttl: 5m
ttl: 36h


The maximum number of retry attempts to make before abandoning a request.

Type: int
Default: 0


The duration to wait between retry attempts.

Type: string
Default: "50ms"