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This component is deprecated and will be removed in the next major version release. Please consider moving onto alternative components.

A processor that extracts the value of a field dot path within payloads according to a specified codec, applies a list of processors to the extracted value and finally sets the field within the original payloads to the processed result.

# Common config fields, showing default values
label: ""
codec: json
path: ""
result_type: string
processors: []

The result can be marshalled into a specific data type with the field result_type.

It's therefore possible to use this codec without any child processors as a way of casting string values into other types. For example, with an input JSON document {"foo":"10"} it's possible to cast the value of the field foo to an integer type with:

path: foo
result_type: int



Parses the payload as a JSON document, extracts and sets the field using a dot notation path.


Extracts and sets a metadata value identified by the path field.



A codec to use in order to extract (and set) the target field.

Type: string
Default: "json"
Options: json, metadata.


A dot path pointing to the target field.

Type: string
Default: ""


The final data type to marshal the processing result into. The discard type is a special case that discards the result of the processing steps entirely.

Type: string
Default: "string"
Options: string, int, float, bool, object, discard.


A list of child processors to execute on the extracted value.

Type: array
Default: []


An optional array of message indexes of a batch that the processor should apply to. If left empty all messages are processed. This field is only applicable when batching messages at the input level.

Indexes can be negative, and if so the part will be selected from the end counting backwards starting from -1.

Type: array
Default: []


The branch processor offers a more flexible and robust way to perform the actions of this processor.